Mel Lawther

Nationality: Northern Irish Discipline: FITA Target Compound Archery Career Span: 2 years compound, after 1 year Recurve Performance Archery Coaching Period: 2 years   Major Achievements: 2012 Face 2 Face Amsterdam: Last 12. 2012 European Grand Prix Leg 2: Bronze … Read More

Erik Rowbotham

Nationality: British Discipline: Recurve: IFAA Field, FITA Target & some FITA Field Archery Career Span: IFAA Field (Oct 1999 – Present); FITA (Sept 2007 – Present) Performance Archery Coaching Period: Sept 2007 – Present Major Achievements:  2012 IFAA European Indoor … Read More

Migle Petruskeviciute

Nationality: Lithuanian Discipline: FITA Target Recurve Archery Career Span: 4 years Performance Archery Coaching Period: 2009-Present Major Achievements: 2011 British Universities Indoor Championships – 1st 2011 Scottish Indoor Championships – 1st 2012 Scottish Outdoor Championships – 2nd, Scottish Champion 2012 … Read More

Performance archery video Margaux Mesle

Sport matters interview with Margaux Mesle Scottish number 1 and British Indoor bronze medallist Margaux of Edinburgh University is talking about the performance program at Edinburgh University. Margaux is a team performance scholar working with me and this was made … Read More

Which release aid is best?

This comes up with clients and on the Internet all the time, and it does seem much more complex than it should. Some ground rules, no release is any better than the next and they all have their own positives … Read More

Viktor Zeman

Nationality: Slovak Discipline: FITA Field and Target Compound Archery Career Span: 3 years Performance Archery Coaching Period: 2010 – Present Major Achievements: 2011 Slovak FITA Field Champion 2012 European Grand Prix Cyprus – Compound Teams – 1st (member of Team … Read More

Alex Gilliland

Nationality: British/Irish Discipline: FITA, IFAA Target and Field Barebow Archery Career Span: 4 years Performance Archery Coaching Period: 2010-Present Major Achievements: 2012   Scottish Indoor Champion (FITA) Scottish Field Champion (IFAA) British Universities Indoor Gold British Universities Outdoor Silver Ranked … Read More

Stefan Gies

Nationality: German Discipline: Compound Target Archery Career Span: 13 Years Performance Archery Coaching Period: 2008 – present Major Achievements: 3rd Place at the British University Outdoor Championships 2010 2nd Place at the British University Outdoor Championships 2011 Scottish Indoor Team Champion 2011 with Edinburgh … Read More

Victoria Barby

Nationality: British Discipline: Recurve Archery Career Span: Started shooting in October 2008 Performance Archery Coaching Period: 12 months Scottish Field Champion 2012Major Achievements: SFAA Field Champion 2012 Scottish Team Euronations 2012 Coaching Story: After working with Alistair I have shot … Read More