Competitive or Driven? Winning is everything?

People in sport misuse the terms competitive or driven, in fact these terms have become interchangeable over time. If we accept that these two terms and outlooks have very different definitions: Which is it better to be? Well lets look … Read More

Naomi Jones

Nationality: British Discipline: Compound Archery Career Span: 2007 to present, Compound discipline since winter 2010. Performance Archery Coaching Period: 2007 – present Major Achievements: Nimes (FITA Indoor World Cup Stage 2) Champion 2013 Face2Face Amsterdam Champion 2012 World Indoor Championships … Read More

Emma Downie

Nationality: British/ Scottish Discipline: Target Recurve Archery Career Span: 2002 to 2012 Performance Archery Coaching Period: 2002 – 2012 Major Achievements: Scottish Commonwealth Games Team 2010, GB Olympic Reserve 2008. Highest World Ranking: 69 (2008), 20 GB caps UK Masters champion … Read More

The biggest myth in archery………Aiming.

Let us look at the psycho-physiological process going on in aiming. As human beings we naturally like, and are comfortable with, lining things up; and this is the essence of aiming. Archery is a target sport, the very term “target” … Read More

Claudine Jennings

Nationality: British Discipline: Compound   Archery Career Span: 1995-Present Performance Archery Coaching Period: 1999-Present Major Achievements: Ranked 3rd in Great Britain 9 times Scottish Champion Competed for Scotland at Commonwealth Games 2010 GB team at Shanghai World Cup 2012 and … Read More

Tim Nash

Discipline: Compound Target Archery Career Span 16 years (1996 to present)   Performance Archery coaching period 2009 to present Major achievements 2002 Junior Great Britain team member 2005/6 Universities Great Britain team member 2006 Bronze medal in World Universities Championship … Read More

Control within performance. How and Why?

Everyone in sport is fixated upon control. The intermediate athlete tries to control all aspects of the performance fixating upon the tiniest details of technique throughout their performance and this is their downfall. The experienced and successful athlete recognizes the … Read More