Performance-archery.com was founded in 2009 as a way of advertising my coaching services. This new version has a much wider remit. The blog will allow regular free access to new and previously written articles, short technical questions and answers, and a regular, and well deserved, updates on how my clients are performing. Also available will be the series of video podcasts that have perviously been available on youtube and iTunes, and I intend over time, where relevant, to add to this series. It is my hope hope that these resources, collected together in one place will be of use and answer some of the more commonly asked questions in archery.

Other features of this site will be a “trophy room” which will give an idea of how past and present clients have performed at competitions all over the world, and of course details of my ¬†coaching services. I look forward to the comments and questions that will arise from the blog resources and I am sure that they will give me an almost infinite source of topics to write about.


I started archery in 1991 at Edinburgh University and have been proudly affiliated with them ever since. Shooting recurve until 2000 I represented Great Britain twice at World Student Games in France and Chinese Taipei and England and Scotland once. Since 2000 I have shot compound target and field; recently gaining my 40th cap forScotland including the 2010 commonwealth games and was lucky enough to shoot for Great Britain again, finishing 5th at the 2012 Cyprus European Grand Prix.

It is fair to say that although I am proud to have won multiple Scottish titles in Field and Target, and been GB and Scottish squad, my epitaph would read:

“Did archery……. not quite well enough”.

Thankfully I have been far more successful as an archery and general performance coach, with clients enjoying success at all level throughout Europe.

As well as being Head of Performance for archery at Edinburgh University since 2009 it has been my pleasure to coach the Faroe, Slovakian, and Irish teams (representing the last two at world cup and world championship levels as manager and/or coach), as well as internationals from Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg and Belgium. My archery coaching has been aided by Masters degrees in Performance, Counselling and Sport Psychology from Edinburgh and Northumbria University and I have worked with international athletes in many sports, including fencing, karate, kendo, swimming, and rugby in a performance coach capacity.

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