Alex Gilliland




FITA, IFAA Target and Field Barebow

Archery Career Span:

4 years

Performance Archery Coaching Period:


Major Achievements:



Scottish Indoor Champion (FITA)
Scottish Field Champion (IFAA)
British Universities Indoor Gold
British Universities Outdoor Silver
Ranked 1st in Scotland Indoors Ranked 2nd in Scotland Outdoors
University Blues
Broke Scottish national records for the Marked FITA 24, Combined FITA
and FITA 25



British Universities Outdoor Silver Ranked 2nd in Scotland Outdoors
Broke Scottish national records for the Combined FITA, FITA 18, FITA
25, Portsmouth, Gents FITA, Double FITA, 90m and 50m Scottish Record

Coaching Story:

I began shooting at Edinburgh University Archery Club in 2008, during
my first year at University. For the first 3 years I shot recurve,
until the end of the indoor season in 2011, when with Alistair’s
guidance I shot barebow at the British Universities. From then I found
my feet in outdoor FITA target, shooting 90 meters with a barebow
isn’t easy particularly in Scotland! Taking silver at the British
Universities Outdoor Championships helped me secure a place on the my

university’s Archery Team Performance Program. This fantastic support
network of strength and conditioning, world class facilities as well
as high quality coaching from Alistair aided me in taking gold at the
Scottish Indoor Championships and SFAA Field Championships. For me my
greatest achievement to date was taking gold at the British

Universities Indoor Championships, and this would not have been
possible without Alistair. His coaching is second to none, although
specialising mainly in recurve and compound, his ability to coach any
discipline, including barebow has been instrumental in getting me to
where I am now. Looking to the future, I hope to take gold at the
British Barebow Championships and one day represent GB at the World
FITA Field Championships.

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