How do I make my release aid execution consistent?

This is surprisingly rarely addressed but is really simple. Good release aid use that does not interfere with aiming and execution has the least movement of the release aid within your fingers during draw and achieving full draw, and also … Read More

Lens power

Ask the experts. I have read various technical articles about lens magnification and asked some other archers and they say a 1.0 lens is too much magnification too hold still but for me it gives me the best aiming/execution combination, … Read More

Trigger tension

How do I set the trigger tension on my thumb release? The tension on a trigger release should be set at the lightest setting that you can comfortably and safely wrap your thumb around it without the release going off, … Read More

What arrow spine is right for my compound?

I have been contacted by 3 different people in the last 24 hours with respect to arrows and spine. So lets go through this: “How do you choose the right spine to shoot out of a compound?” There is one … Read More