Indoors versus Outdoors

Now that we reach the time of year that many archers are starting to look to shooting outdoors it is always frustrating to this writer how maligned indoor shooting is. I appreciate that it has been, for many, a long … Read More

Measuring performance

Some measures of performance Can we glean information about how we are performing from specific outcomes and trends in results? The short answer is, of course, yes, but interpreting results can require some lateral thinking and almost sooth sayer like … Read More

Evolution of an athlete

To quote that eighties teen hero Ferris Bueller: “life passes by so quick, if you dont take a second to look around you might miss it!” So it is with athletes,they can be so caught up in their present and … Read More

Is it me against the world?

What do I need to achieve? Is it me against the world? Jaded and undirected, a world class archer recently told me that they, “would rather go on holiday, using up their annual leave from work, rather than push to … Read More

Process Goals versus Outcome Goals

For many years process goals have been much preferred by psychologists and by some coaches, who see them as a better goal and a better measurable idea than outcome goals. A process goal could well be how one does something. … Read More

Take some responsibility

I was thinking about what to write this article on, what aspect of performance and psychology would most interest and excite?  Perhaps mental toughness or relaxation techniques or imagery, however, I have decided to write on a much more important … Read More