How can psychological training work for you?

This may seem a bizarre and controversial statement for someone who has studied sports psychology to make but I am continually faced with the same procedural issues when dealing with athletes. Let us clear up some misconceptions with respect to … Read More

Automatic Skill

Archery is a well-learnt, closed skill. A closed skill is one where the individual performing the skill does not manipulate the performance with respect to any outside effects. Unlike, for example, a footballer, who has a multitude of different shots … Read More

Only two approaches to success?

In sport, it is believed by many that, the truly successful fall into one of two categories. The pompous or the unaware.   The Unaware: Let us deal with the latter category first, individuals who are too unaware to fear … Read More

How much should you practice?

Across all sports and from athletes of all levels the same question is constantly asked: How much should I be practising? This question is asked from school children onwards, as if time spent doing something is the answer to achievement … Read More

Competitive or Driven? Winning is everything?

People in sport misuse the terms competitive or driven, in fact these terms have become interchangeable over time. If we accept that these two terms and outlooks have very different definitions: Which is it better to be? Well lets look … Read More

Control within performance. How and Why?

Everyone in sport is fixated upon control. The intermediate athlete tries to control all aspects of the performance fixating upon the tiniest details of technique throughout their performance and this is their downfall. The experienced and successful athlete recognizes the … Read More

So I punch……the only lasting cure.

“So I have started to punch, does that mean I have to give up?” This was the question I was faced with not long ago by an international compound shooter who had approached me for coaching. I must admit to … Read More