How much should you practice?

Across all sports and from athletes of all levels the same question is constantly asked: How much should I be practising? This question is asked from school children onwards, as if time spent doing something is the answer to achievement … Read More

The biggest myth in archery………Aiming.

Let us look at the psycho-physiological process going on in aiming. As human beings we naturally like, and are comfortable with, lining things up; and this is the essence of aiming. Archery is a target sport, the very term “target” … Read More

Control within performance. How and Why?

Everyone in sport is fixated upon control. The intermediate athlete tries to control all aspects of the performance fixating upon the tiniest details of technique throughout their performance and this is their downfall. The experienced and successful athlete recognizes the … Read More

Anchor Point, why is it important?

Anchor point has such a tremendous effect on everything to do with shooting a compound. People talk about the dot not holding still or their propensity to punch. This is directly driven by how good the anchor point is. So … Read More

So I punch……the only lasting cure.

“So I have started to punch, does that mean I have to give up?” This was the question I was faced with not long ago by an international compound shooter who had approached me for coaching. I must admit to … Read More

Which release aid is best?

This comes up with clients and on the Internet all the time, and it does seem much more complex than it should. Some ground rules, no release is any better than the next and they all have their own positives … Read More

Mental Toughness

If I had a pound for every email enquiry asking me, “how do I improve my mental state?”, I could retire to somewhere warm right now. It would be easy for me to act like many coaches and psychologists and … Read More