Colin Griffin




FITA Target Compound

 Archery Career Span:

4 years


Performance Archery Coaching Period:

Indoor season 2010/2011 to present


Major Achievements:

Held multiple Irish national records at different times

Member of first full compound team to attend indoor world championships in many years

Silver individual medal in 2011 Euronations

Multiple national titles won in Ireland


Coaching Story:

Through Performancy Archery the standard of compound shooting in Ireland has been dramatically raised since coaching began in the country. It was the first time a dedicated coach for compound archers was organized and the effects were seen almost instantly across the board. The feedback was positive from both competitive & recreational shooters.


I found the coaching to be hugely beneficial and my scores climbed as a result. There was no end to technical advice regarding bow tuning, years of experience which was invaluable during international competitions and subtle adjustments to technique which made all the difference. There was always follow up support available meaning the help didn’t end once the session finished. I couldn’t recommend Performance Archery highly enough.

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