Erik Rowbotham



Discipline: Recurve:

IFAA Field, FITA Target & some FITA Field

Archery Career Span:

IFAA Field (Oct 1999 – Present); FITA (Sept 2007 – Present)

Performance Archery Coaching Period:

Sept 2007 – Present

Major Achievements:

  •  2012 IFAA European Indoor Recurve Champion
  • IFAA European Indoor 3-day Record Holder (885/900)
  • 2012 Triple Scottish Champion (IFAA Outdoor, FITA Indoor, FITA Outdoor)
  • 2010 – Present: capped 6 times for Scotland
  • 2010 British University Team Championships (BUTC) Winner
  • 2009 – 2012: 5-time British University Individual medallist (4 bronze, 1 silver) & 7-time British University Team medallist (6 gold, 1 silver)

Coaching Story:

I started archery aged 10 and competed in IFAA Field archery as a Cub, Junior and Adult through to starting my studies at The University of Edinburgh. At that time, I was a competent field archer who had never really tried target archery but had always wanted to. Edinburgh University Archery Club gave me this opportunity and through working with Alistair from day one in September 2007 I have achieved more than I thought was possible. I am delighted to say that this success can not only be measured through multiple open medals, Scottish titles (in both Field & Target archery) and team trophies but also through personal development in areas such as coaching, technical knowledge and being able to compete as an individual with a team goal in mind (which is rather rare in archery nowadays). Training is not always fun and talking things through is sometimes necessary but the archers who have been a part of Performance Archery with Alistair have visibly reaped the benefits.

Alistair has shaped my shooting technique and my archery thought processes both on and off the competition shooting line. I wholeheartedly believe that I would not have achieved the height and consistency of results that I have done through working with anyone else, in the facility we had access to and with the support to achieve academically too. I would recommend Alistair as a High Performance Archery Coach to anyone who wants to work hard, challenge themselves and achieve more than they think is possible.


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