Margaux Mesle




FITA target recurve

Archery carrer span:

2005-2007 (junior) 2010 to present

Performance archery coaching period:

September 2011 to present

Major achievement:


3rd British Indoors Champs

British University Outdoor champion

British University Indoor Silver

3 Scottish caps,

ranked 1st in Scotland

Coaching story:

When I first joined the Edinburgh University Archery Club I had no idea how far I would go, it was just for fun. Then Alistair started coaching me, improved my technique, and made me much more confident in what I am doing, then suddenly I was competing on a different level, against top ranked archers. This has completely changed my attitude towards training and competitions, even towards my future goals (hopefully representing my country in the years to come). By showing my will and determination, Alistair has helped me move forwards a great deal.

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