Migle Petruskeviciute




FITA Target Recurve

Archery Career Span:

4 years

Performance Archery Coaching Period:


Major Achievements:

2011 British Universities Indoor Championships – 1st
2011 Scottish Indoor Championships – 1st
2012 Scottish Outdoor Championships – 2nd, Scottish Champion
2012 British Universities Indoor Championships – 4th
Two Scottish Caps: 2011 British National Indoor Championships and 2012 Euronations

Coaching story

I first tried out archery in 2008, but I only started practicing regularly after joining the University of Edinburgh Archery Club in 2009. Immediately I got involved and went to the first minor competitions, and soon with Alistair’s recommendations I had bought my very first personal bow. With growing achievements the expectations were growing too, and my coach was always there to support, advise, rescue from occasional panic attacks or lack of confidence or prod from self-indulgent periods. My first years as a senior were a great success all thanks to personalized coaching I receive. Despite my stubbornness in accepting novel things and questioning nature, Alistair patiently finds a way how to teach something new and improve my technique, all while answering my numerous doubts and worries and in addition giving a joke or educational fact about archery. Therefore I always look forward to our next coaching session.


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