Naomi Jones





Archery Career Span:

2007 to present, Compound discipline since winter 2010.

Performance Archery Coaching Period:

2007 – present

Major Achievements:

Nimes (FITA Indoor World Cup Stage 2) Champion 2013
Face2Face Amsterdam Champion 2012
World Indoor Championships 2012 Team Bronze (GBR)
FITA World Indoor Cup Final 2012 Individual Bronze.
British Indoor Champion 2011, 4th 2012.
Scottish Indoor and Outdoor Champion 2011.

Coaching Story

Coming to archery with no previous experience in sport, I first worked with Alistair as a result of his position of Head of Performance for archery at Edinburgh University. The regular coaching enabled me to make a good start in recurve, but after a couple of years of decent results I changed disciplines. In both cases, Alistair has tutored me in the necessary technical skills and also encouraged me to develop the necessary psychological approach to achieve outstanding results at the highest level.

From 2012 I have competed internationally, and his advice and experience have not only prepared me for what to expect from such high level competition but his advice and contacts have helped me get the most from my successes.

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