Tim Nash



Compound Target

Archery Career Span

16 years (1996 to present)


Performance Archery coaching period

2009 to present

Major achievements

2002 Junior Great Britain team member
2005/6 Universities Great Britain team member
2006 Bronze medal in World Universities Championship
2010/11 Represented England at indoor Home Nations

2011 Silver medal UK indoor Championships
2012 Selected for Senior Great Britain team for Indoor European Championships (Poland)

Coaching Story

After some early success as a Junior being coached by members of my club (Mayflower Archers) I hit upon lean archery pickings mid way through university. So lean in fact that in 2008 I exited the UK indoor champs without qualifying in what was traditionally one of my strongest shoots.

Alistair Whittingham was a name that I knew from the archery circuit and I was also aware of his distinguished coaching record. Shortly before Christmas 2008 he was passing through London near

to where I lived and stopped by for a friendly drink.

In the course of our evening we talked a lot of archery, where I might be going wrong and ASW’s ideas on how to go about sorting things out. By the end of the night our informal meeting had led to Alistair becoming my coach and I have always regretted not getting him on board sooner. Over the past 3 years or so my game has improved significantly in all areas, from mental desire and tournament preparation to shot execution and also strength. The results have spoken for themselves and in 3 years I have risen from thedoldrums to being able to make my debut as a member of the Great Britain Archery Team.

Asked in an interview last year on what ‘kit’ a beginner should invest in I did not hesitate in replying:

‘A good coach of course’

Happy Shooting


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